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Who are the Fur coats?

 (The serious stuff) 

Actor, Deviser, Director 

Jodie is an Actor, Theatre Creator, and Director. She graduated with a First in Acting for Contemporary and Devised Performance BA(Hons) from the University of Northampton.

She has worked as a freelance Director and administrative advisor at The University of Northampton and continues her training as a performer.


Jodie has a strong passion for creating theatre that explores societal human behaviors at their extremes in a comical, yet thought-provoking way.

Actor, Singer, Deviser

Since her training in Acting for Contemporary and Devised Performance in which she achieved a First Class Degree Charlotte has undergone 1 month of intensive actor training at Au Brana in the south of France and has devised and performed multiple productions within Fur Coat No Knickers Theatre.

Charlotte freelanced at Trinity Youth Theatre as a leading workshop practitioner for over a year and alongside her commitment to Fur Coat, has been pursuing other opportunities as a practicing actor-musician.

Actor, Writer, Deviser

Bethany has always had a passion for devising bold, contemporary, and largely feminist theatre.

She aspires to create relevant and stimulating work, offering audiences a fresh and personal perspective on major societal issues.


Since earning a First Class degree in Acting for Contemporary and Devised Performance from UON, Bethany has been focusing on developing new work with Fur Coat No Knickers Theatre.

 And...What are   we all about? 



If having a different hobby every week was itself a hobby, then that would be Jodie's favourite hobby. She designs costumes, sews, cooks, knits, and even has her own artistic alter ego (@clem.fandango.paints). Her love for all things creative is fueled by her crippling addiction to pepsi max, and her lack of interest in getting a 'real job'. Jodie's biggest creative inspiration is comedy legend Rik Mayall, and she will continue to be a raging feminist killjoy till the day she dies!


Char likes to think she’s mysterious, but she’s a serial over-sharer.

Climbing rocks makes her feel like a kid again.

She annoys everyone with constant song, although she’s not a bad singer.

She writes with the sadness and drama of a teenager.

She wants people to learn confidence and use their voices.

She's a sucker for Shakespeare and performing her own stuff.

She's just happy to be here.


Beth is a plant mum.

She loves pubs, poems plants and people and she knows how to talk to strangers.

She can talk for days and writes from the heart.

Her hair is ever-changing.

And her dance moves unmatched.

Beth doesn't like writing about herself.

So here is where she says, 

The end.

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